As more people engage online, the need for eye-catching visuals, interesting digital marketing ads, and engaging social media campaigns is growing – especially in the evolving landscape of Canada. Now, more than ever, marketers and business owners are realising that media production companies are key to shaping their creative content marketing strategies. However, many are still unsure about what these video production companies can do for their business endeavours. In this article, we’ll explain what video production companies do, what their services are and how videos can benefit businesses and marketing efforts.

Key takeaways

  • A video production company produces video content for other businesses’ marketing goals and objectives.
  • Video production companies offer a wide range of video production services according to phases of the production process: pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Videos have the ability to improve communication, increase engagements, enhance branding and increase social sharing for businesses.
  • Corporate videos, explainer videos, event videos and product videos are the most commonly used videos by businesses and brands.

But first, what is a video production company?

A video production company, also known as media production companies are an entity that provides a wide range of services primarily in creating video content as part of other brands’ and businesses’ video marketing strategies. This video content includes commercials, explainer videos, product showcases, corporate videos, promotional videos and so much more.

Video production companies play a crucial role in bringing creative ideas to life and delivering high-quality visual content. Their services cater to a diverse range of clients, including businesses, individuals, non-profit organisations, government agencies, and more. The scope and scale of the services provided can vary widely depending on the company’s specialisation and capabilities.

What kind of services do video production companies offer?

media production companies

Video production companies offer services from content development and pre-production services to shooting, video editing and post-production. These companies are staffed with professionals who have expertise in different aspects of video production, including videography, animation, scripting, editing, sound design, and more.

Video production services: The production process

Video production consists of 3 main stages; pre-production, production and post-production. Whether it’s a live-action video or an animated video, these stages make up the entire process of creating a finished video. However, the production process differs between the two different types of videos, especially in the production stage.
Here’s a concise overview of what the production process entails for both live-action and animated videos, as well as the range of production services offered:


  • Concept development – In this phase, the concept, message, video objective and target audience are established.
  • Scriptwriting – A script or screenplay is crafted, specifying the dialogue, storyline, scenes and shots in detail.
  • Storyboarding – A visual representation of the script is produced through storyboards to visualise each scene and shot.
  • Character and set design (animation only) – This is where characters and backgrounds are sketched out and designed to determine the animation’s visual style.
  • Casting and location scouting (live-action only) – Auditions and casting are held to select suitable actors for the video along with shooting locations chosen and acquired.
  • Asset creation (animation only) – Digital assets, including characters, props, backgrounds and animation rigs are created.
  • Set design (live-action only) – This is where the production set is designed to prepare for filming to take place.
  • Scheduling – A production schedule is created, outlining the timeline of the entire production process (including when and where shooting will take place for live-action videos).


For Animation:

  • Animation – The characters and objects are animated using computer software or traditional hand-drawn animation techniques like frame-by-frame animation or keyframe animation.
  • Background – The background is created or composited to ensure that it harmonises with the animation.
  • Visual effects (VFX) – If the animation requires special effects, these are then integrated into the video.
  • Character Rigging – Character animation rigs are created to allow for character movement.

For Live action:

  • Shooting – Scenes are filmed with cameras in accordance with the storyboard and script.
  • Lighting and Sound – Proper lighting and sound are carefully managed throughout the entire production filming.
  • Direction – The director oversees the entire production process, guiding actors and crew members to bring the vision from the script and storyboard to life.


  • Video editing – In this phase, the captured footage from filming or animation shots is organised and assembled into appropriate sequences and edited to craft the final video.
  • Colour correction – Colour and lighting adjustments are made to achieve the desired visual aesthetics and style.
  • Sound design and mixing – Sound effects, music, voiceovers and dialogue are added in and balanced out for optimal audio quality
  • Compositing (animation only) – All the elements, including characters, backgrounds and effects are combined to create the final visual composition of the animation.

However, it is worth noting that the specific services involved can be tailored to meet individual client requirements; for instance, some clients may opt for animation production or specialised services like sound design and mixing only.

The common types of video content for businesses

Now that we’ve discussed how videos are made in the production process and the services involved, let’s explore the different types of video content typically produced for businesses of various industries:

Corporate videos

Corporate video is an umbrella term used to represent any type of video content that is produced by a corporation. These videos act as a medium for companies to convey a specific message to the relevant target audience. Any type of type of video can be classified as a corporate video however, their purposes may differ accordingly.

A corporate video can be adopted for internal or external use – depending on the company’s goal. Internal uses are typically done for employee onboarding, training, and recruitment – basically anything intended for use within the company itself. Whereas external uses are aimed toward marketing purposes such as ads, product launches, marketing campaigns and more. Corporate video production is one of the most common types of video production services used by businesses.

SuperPixel's Singapore Exchange Motion Graphics Video Image Example

Here’s an example of SuperPixel’s work for Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) mixed media corporate video. This video combines live-action and motion graphics together the enhance its visual appeal whilst maintaining a human connection through real-life people.

Explainer videos

An explainer video serves as a concise, captivating and perhaps the most straightforward means of presenting a product or service to the audience. They are often featured on landing pages or a website’s homepage to provide first-time visitors a rapid understanding of the company’s offerings.

Explainer videos are a highly effective marketing tool, widely embraced by companies worldwide to connect with their audience through brief and easily digestible video content. They serve as a swift introduction to a company’s product or service, addressing customer queries and delivering essential information in the shortest time possible.

SuperPixel's Novartis 2D Animated Explainer Video Image Example

Take a look at this example by SuperPixel for Novartis’ heart failure educational explainer video. In this video, 2D animation is used to present complex information through appealing visuals to communicate their message effectively whilst capturing the attention of their target audience.

Animation is a favoured choice for explainer videos because it provides a vivid representation of the message that is being conveyed. By incorporating characters, graphics and voice over narration, this ensures the video remains engaging and easy to understand – making animated explainer videos a popular choice for companies across a multitude of industries.

Event videos

Event videos are videos created to document, highlight, or capture the essence of a particular event, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, festivals, weddings, corporate gatherings, product launches, and more. These videos aim to showcase the key moments, atmosphere, and highlights of the event, allowing those who attended to relive the experience and giving those who didn’t attend a glimpse into what took place.

Event videos are produced through a combination of planning, filming, editing, and post-production techniques, often requiring skilled videographers and editors to capture the event’s essence and create a compelling visual story.

SuperPixel's Resorts World Sentosa Chinese New Year Gala Dinner Event Animation Video Image Example

Here is an example video of Resorts World Sentosa’s Chinese New Year Gala Dinner that highlights the event as well as SuperPixel’s animation that was portrayed throughout the venue’s LED screens.

Product videos

Just as the term suggests, product videos are essentially any type of video that tells you what the product’s key features are in the form of a video. Similar to reading a product description but instead of boring lengthy texts alone, product videos allow you to have a better visual representation of the product. Fundamentally, a good product video successfully educates potential buyers on everything they need to know about the product as well as what the benefits are.

Product videos have become the preferred way for consumers to learn more about a new product or service as people are more inclined to watch a video to learn new information rather than reading lengthy product descriptions. When done correctly, product videos can provide numerous benefits that will help you increase sales and grow your business. It is also the preferred way consumers learn about new products and services because people are more inclined to watch videos than other forms of media.

SuperPixel's 3D Animated Asus Zenbook 14 OLED Product Video Image Example

Take a look at this example of SuperPixel’s 3D animated product video for Asus’ Zenbook 14 OLED Laptop that showcases Asus’ product and its inner workings through appealing visuals to provide audiences a glimpse their new technology.

Digital Marketing videos

Digital marketing videos are a subset of video content designed specifically for use in digital marketing campaigns. They have various objectives whether its to promote global brands, products, services or to convey a specific message to their target audiences through digital platforms. These videos have the ultimate goal of achieving marketing objectives and inform or persuade viewers to perform an action.

There are many types of digital marketing videos which includes social videos, testimonial videos, behind-the-scenes, product demos, storytelling videos and so much more. Here is an example of a digital marketing video we’ve created for one of our clients in the past.


SuperPixel's 3D Animated Betadine Product Video Image Example

This video showcases the right way to gargle Betadine’s product by using 3D animation to present information and instructions in an easy to understand way. This product demo video was created to ensure that its customers were using the product in the most effective way whilst promoting its use in an entertaining way. This video also uses character animation to provide viewers connection and relatability.

This video demonstrates the proper technique for using Betadine’s product through the use of 3D animation – simplifying information and instructions for easy comprehension. The objective behind crafting this product demo video was to not only ensure their customers were using the product effectively but to also make the usage experience entertaining and engaging.

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The benefits of video production services for your business

Effective Communication

Videos are a powerful medium for conveying complex information and messages in a clear and engaging manner. With videos, businesses can explain their products, services, processes, and concepts more effectively through visual storytelling. This helps to present key information to potential customers and improve their understanding about your business offerings which can ultimately increase business sales and revenue.

Increased Engagement

Videos have been proven to capture and hold the viewer’s attention better than text or static images. Creating engaging videos for your business can keep potential customers interested, leading to longer interaction times and increased brand awareness. Videos are also a great way for businesses to stand out from their competitors and compete with the online noise – especially animated videos.

Enhanced Branding

Video production services can help businesses create visually consistent and compelling branding elements that convey the brand’s personality, values, and identity. Well crafted videos leave a lasting impact to your viewers which can ultimately improve brand awareness and recognition.

Higher Conversion Rates

Videos such as product videos, explainer videos and testimonials when placed and utilised correctly are effective for increasing conversion rates. This is because it allows customers to obtain more information about a product or service and helping them to make informed purchase decisions. Moreover, marketing videos have also been shown to increase conversion rates as it encourages viewers to perform a desired action, whether it be to buy now, or visit a website.

Improved Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines such as Google often prioritise video content because of its highly engaging factor. This is why you often see videos and especially animated videos on first page of a Google search. Hence, videos allow for better search engine visibility that can lead to higher organic rankings – boosting your website’s SEO leading to better search engine visibility and higher organic rankings. In addition, having a video on a website’s homepage also helps to keep websites visitors on your page for a longer time and reducing bounce rates – boosting your website’s SEO ranking.

Emotional Connection

Videos have the ability to evoke emotions, which can have a powerful impact on building a connection with the audience. This can help to build a stronger relationship with viewers as emotional engagement can lead to stronger customer loyalty.

Increased Social Sharing

Videos are a highly shareable medium that can lead to increased shares on social media platforms. This helps your business to reach a wider audience and improving brand awareness. This can also lead to better social proofing that will help build trust and authority, improving overall brand presence and increasing conversion rates.

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