Inkjet Printer Series

Brother Inkjet Printer Series Brother, the esteemed Japanese multinational electronics company, enlisted the expertise of SuperPixel to produce a promotional video spotlighting their cutting-edge printers. Our team meticulously crafted a dynamic 60-second 2D animated video, bringing the printers to life through vivid visuals, employing animated characters and relatable scenarios tailored for individuals working from home. […]

AstraPay Character Design

AstraPay AstraPay Character Design AstraPay, a prominent Indonesian payment service company, entrusted SuperPixel with the task of crafting endearing 2D animated characters – both human and robotic – to embody its brand essence and values. These characters were thoughtfully integrated into various use case scenarios, enhancing relatability for AstraPay users. The outcome? AstraPay now enjoys […]

SGX Iron Ore Week

SGX SGX Iron Ore Week In 2021, SuperPixel was honoured to collaborate with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to amplify the promotion of the Singapore Iron Ore Week Forum through a dynamic 3D animated promotional video. This concise 30-second video features captivating animation backdrops of iron ore and processing plants with informative text graphics that provide […]

#TheDigitalWay Campaign

SGX #TheDigitalWay Campaign Continuing our streak of collaborations with the Singapore Exchange (SGX), SuperPixel was entrusted with the creation of a concise and informative 2D animated explainer video. The objective was to effectively communicate to employees and stakeholders the implementation of digital tools aimed at reducing manual workloads, thereby freeing up resources to deliver enhanced […]

Bull Charge Charity Run

SGX Bull Charge Charity Run SuperPixel received another meaningful commission from the Singapore Exchange (SGX), this time to promote their SGX Bull Charge Charity Run—an initiative dedicated to supporting underprivileged children, families, and senior citizens. For this impactful campaign, we crafted a heartwarming 2D animation video that vividly illustrates how participation in SGX’s charity events […]

Sponsored Solutions

Lazada Sponsored Solutions In collaboration with Lazada, we brought to life three animated shorts introducing their revolutionary digital assistance service for business owners – Lazada Sponsored Solutions powered by SMART. Our objective was to highlight the service’s key features and benefits, providing a visual guide for Lazada’s brands and sellers to boost growth. Employing 2D […]


MegRhythm Steam Thermo Patch SuperPixel was commissioned by KAO MegRhythm with the task of elevating awareness and understanding of their flagship product – the Steam Thermo Patch. For this campaign, we crafted a versatile and comprehensive collection of graphics and animation assets tailored for use across diverse digital channels. Set to a backdrop of lighthearted […]


Shop Without Breaking a Sweat RedMart, an online grocery store based in Singapore, entrusted SuperPixel with the creation of animated ads to amplify the promotion of RedMart’s services. We designed four bite-sized animated videos, featuring adorable 3D-animated characters of grocery items finding themselves in comically relatable and inconvenient situations.The success of these animations was remarkable, […]


Music Bumpers SuperPixel had the absolute honour of working with MTV – the channel that profoundly impacted the creative world with its fun and quirky animations that stood out against all the visual noise. For this animation project, we centred our focus on surrealism and abstraction to produce memorable animations that were consistent with MTV’s […]

GoBusiness IP Grow

IPOS GoBusiness IP Grow As part of its move to increase brand awareness and engage with a new generation of visitors, Superpixel was asked by Mandai to help with the launch of its new brand ‘Ranger Buddies’. Aimed at families with young children, the Ranger Buddies’ brand is intended to encourage guests to visit the […]