SJ 2.0 Bali

Dome Projection

In 2022, SuperPixel took on an exciting project for SJ 2.0 to produce an immersive dome installation animation for a restaurant in Bali. SJ 2.0 is Bali’s upcoming interactive and immersive restaurant that strives to create memorable experiences for their customers. SuperPixel is honoured to be a part of that, as we produced an immersive animation for their dome animation in over a multi-month project. This project presented a unique opportunity and an exciting challenge for our team, as we ventured into unchartered territory with a dome format, creating an entirely new immersive experience.

The animation concept was a fusion of Balinese and Korean cultures, paying homage to the restaurant’s Korean cuisine offerings while embracing the rich heritage of Bali. Additionally, we delved into an outer space concept focusing on sustainability and environmental conservation to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural surroundings, not only in Indonesia but globally. This animation featured a majestic whale navigating through various scenes, bridging the realms of space, mountains and the deep sea – invoking a sense of wonder and adding an extra layer of intrigue to make the experience truly captivating.

This project was a transformative and challenging journey for us, pushing our creative boundaries to craft something entirely new and out of the box. This experience has been both a fulfilling and unforgettable one for the team at SuperPixel.

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