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My Ruff Day

Our recent 3D Animation project for Petco , “My Ruff Day,” aimed to increase the number of reunions between lost pets and their families using their free-to-use, national lost and found database for pets, Love Lost.

The story follows Boomer, a lovable dog who finds himself separated from his family. Through a series of heartwarming and adventurous events, Boomer navigates the challenges of finding his way back home.

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Featuring the voice of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, best known for his role as Simba in The Lion King, our animations bring to life relatable scenarios that many pet parents can connect with. Now showcased on Petco Love Lost’s social media channels, these videos aim to raise awareness about the importance of reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Visual Development

3D Development

Despite a tight two-month timeline and the challenge of coordinating an international team, our passion for the project and strong communication skills ensured a smooth production process. We are incredibly proud of the positive feedback and the impact this campaign is making in helping families reunite with their lost pets.


Edward Hyde

Art Director

Eleosia Charistalay

Talent Manager

Puput Wira Satya


Tamariska Disa, Raffael A. Gumelar

Concept Artist

Tamariska Disa, Raffael A. Gumelar

3D Lead

Doni Ariadi

3D Environment & Props Creation

Ribka Natalia, Kenley Jonathan, Jonathan Jafeth Lembong, Nathanael Putrama, Riska Natavianda, Sharla Calista Putri

3D Character Creation

Doni Ariadi, Kenley Jonathan, Ribka Natalia, Jonathan Jafeth Lembong, Sharla Calista Putri, Riska Natavianda, Andy Riskal, Wenny Natalia, Aji


Ratna Juwita, Reynaldo Saputra


Ribka Natalia, Kenley Jonathan, Jonathan Jafeth Lembong, Nathanael Putrama, Reynaldo Saputra


Bayu Ferdinansyah, Aulia

3D Animation

Bayu Ferdinansyah, Doni Ariadi, Mutia, Revin


Eleosia Charistalay, Ribka Natalia, Reynaldo Saputra

2D Animation

Eleosia Charistalay, Raffael A. Gumelar


Eleosia Charistalay


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