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As part of its move to increase brand awareness and engage with a new generation of visitors, Superpixel was asked by Mandai to help with the launch of its new brand ‘Ranger Buddies’. Aimed at families with young children, the Ranger Buddies’ brand is intended to encourage guests to visit the zoo on a regular basis rather than as an occasional event.
A key step in achieving this objective is by introducing the brand through a 3D animated trailer featuring the real animal icons that can be found in Mandai Zoo. Together with the main character, Khansa the Orangutan, and his other animal friends, children can learn about how wildlife is under threat and explore pressing environmental issues.

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Katherine Goh

Art Director

Eleosia Charistalay

Storyboard Artist

Tamariska Disa , Raffael A. Gumelar

2D Illustrator

Raffael A. Gumelar , Jessica Meriani

2D Animator

Raffael A. Gumelar , Fioletta

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